About me

Brought up between two countries, the UK and France, my life has been about comparing, contrasting and trying to understand what and why it works best. At first it was accidental. Now it is intentional.

See my C.V. on how I’ve exploited this with an early career, based in Brussels, focused on trans-national European issues.

My passions are around learning about information technology’s capabilities, intelligent structures in initiatives and organisations, and the often complicated but often subtle, policy issues.

Healthcare seems to encompass these challenges in its most stark state, and for most of my life been captivated by the complexity, complications and had aspiration on how technology could improve things across Europe, and beyond. Thankfully opportunities arise that enable me learn more, contribute by involvement (list updated regularly) on a variety of issues.

My blog combines a few thoughts and updates on the health sector

Please feel free to contact or interact with me with any initiatives, thoughts of questions you may have.William



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