April 2016


Next week – May 12th at 6pm CET,  I’ll be joining an HIMSS Europe & SKIPR organised Twitter chat (using the official Hashtag: #eHealthChat) entitled “Up-scaling health-IT: time to break the bottleneck“.

Voices across Europe will be discussing Trust and Standards. It’s one of the main themes of eHealth Week in Amsterdam in June (Read more and register here!).

From the patient’s perspective, both Trust and standards are critical if you want to move forward with eHealth

From the trust perspective, we can’t go beyond niche adoption without that by participants. Clinicians need to trust it, and patients too. And legislators, public health monitoring etc. It would be foolish to do that even if somehow people did go forward without confidence. Security is critical. Arguably clinical data is the most sensitive and the volume generated is growing year on year as we strap more instruments to ourselves, aim for paperless, and connect the machines and systems together.

And where do I start with Standards?!

Interoperability – or the lack of it right now – is the biggest issue for me to date. Time and time again we hear of brilliant innovations, and trials here and there. but nothing hooks together. It’s a problem within one urban area, it’s a probably nationally, and , frankly, as far as I’ve witness, somewhat non-existent at a multinational, european level.

Furthermore  ‘wellbeing’/’fitness’ solutions such as platforms provided by Apple, Google,Microsoft,  Samsung, Withings (soon-to-be-Nokia), Fitbit, etc, to name but a few, don’t always have common great experience with interoperable standards of their own and for now remain relatively distinct from clinical data.

I keep going b ack to one, probably erroneous analogy, but one that resonates for me: If the world of Finance can do it – individua accounts, globally, networks of cash machines, credit cards, merchants etc, why can’t medicine? The answer is: We can. Let’ make it happen!

I’m impatient and keen to see more integration. It’s not there for technical but also legal reasons. Often for good reasons. But a great discussion on how to move forward on this seems smart and a great reason for this chat!

Join us, on May 12th, at  6 PM CET (5 PM GMT / 12 PM EST / 9PST). It’s in English and moderated by the excellent minds of Christina Roosen, VP, Public Affairs, HIMSS Europe (@croosen @himsseurope ) and Ruud Koolen, Editor in Chief, Skipr, @Ruud_Koolen / @skipr

Oh and don’t forget to use the Official Hashtag: #eHealthChat !

See you there!


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