The modern take on the trusted thermometer market heats up

This past week, Zeraph launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter for their ‘Flow’, which in addition to hooking up to the phone via Bluetooth, it has a light giving a quick indication of anomaly, and also promises not to require skin contact:

“One of Flo’s key strengths over many thermometers is that it never touches the body and doesn’t require constant cleaning. This greatly reduce the risk of contamination and can be used on multiple children in a short period of time. As such, it is great for those who work closely with kids. Flo is also quiet and will not wake up a sleeping baby, as it does not make a sound or touch the body.

It follows the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, unveiling by Withings of their own “Thermo”, a thermometer equally for its time, designed to get readings fast through multiple rapid sensor readings,and synced via Wifi to the Withings platform (available on the web and smartphone).

How accurate both are, I am not qualified to say, but it’s great to see the phone/cloud as a platform for the history and perhaps above all the speed and ease of a reading put at the forefront. and, After the various blood pressure and scale products we’ve had on the market for the past several years, it would appear to be the next obvious solution.
Here’s a video to the Flo’s promotion video:

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