From head-to-toe, the future wearable could take care of diabetic feet

We continue to see the inevitable – and for me, welcome, ‘medicalisation’ of wearable as time and technology marches forward.

I have long argued that the devices we see today in the tech-consumer world are all ‘wellness’ / fitness type gadgets. Often little more than a modern pedometer, perhaps with a gyroscope and software algorithms to increase the accuracy and an app /social-component to make it engaging/fun. They’re increasingly cheap to make, and small and light to wear. And of course they don’t need regulatory approval as a medical device.

Earlier today respected Paul Sonnier shared a hopeful – but perhaps still early stage – “SenseGO” sock from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Apparently there’s also a similar concept on the horizon already, but I felt it was worth discussing from an ‘evolutionary’ perspective.

If you read the source article, you can sense the rapprochement from something less wellbeing/fitness/motivation focused and closer to the medical arena. Put simply the concept could potentially go as far as to reduce the number amputations by giving the all-important preventative warnings – something that remote monitoring, close-proximity solutions will increasingly thrive at.

It’s not some sort of magic bio-sensing chemical change detector but a mesh of sensors capable of detecting pressure thus preventing the formation of ulcers. Frankly I find it quite ingenious.

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